Motor Neurone Disease

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My Dad – Dick Johnson was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in June 2011.  This diagnosis knocked us all sideways and I want to give back to the MNDA for all their support since then.

MND is a fatal neurological disease with no cure and few drugs to help.  It can progress very quickly and the causes of the disease are still unknown. It’s a cruel bastard of a disease robbing you of your muscles responsible for speech, swallowing, mobilising and breathing. Nobody should have to suffer this and I hope the research they fund will find a way of giving sufferers the dignity they deserve.

What do I intend to do about it? So here I am and what’s a better start to a Saturday morning? Mud all over you from the ditches/trenches, steep hills and boggy lakes. Plus some great burly military men bellowing out about how feeble your attempts are.

I think that’s the kick up the jacksie needed. Naturally this means I’ve lost any concept of being sensible.

So on 6th October 2012 I shall be running, jogging, crawling, shouting, crying, sweating and possibly shouting back at officers…if I dare.  This ain’t no Krypton Factor course, grown men weep at the thought of taking on this epic challenge.

Hopefully that’s enough of a reason for you to part with some of your cash that would probably only end up being spent on biscuits or the delightful booze. Well, this is now your chance to become a part of something amazing, whilst giving me a reason to get back into tip top condition.

Any donation is much appreciated and will spur me on through the agony. Of course part of the deal includes me promising plenty of lovely hugs.  This can be after the race when I’m caked in mud or a night out, whatever tickles your fancy 🙂